Insoluble Alkalis

Our experienced sales team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect insoluble alkali solution for your business. Contact us today for a customized quote and learn how our high-quality aluminum and magnesium hydroxide products can enhance your industrial applications. With our commitment to product excellence and customer satisfaction, is your ideal partner for all your insoluble alkali needs.

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Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3)

产品名称 碳酸钙 CAS号 471-34-1 HS编号 2836500000 联合国编号 非危险品(仅供参考,请核实) 技术条件 ≥98.00% 出现 白色细粉 水分/% ≤ ≤1.0 熔点 825摄氏度 沸点 800摄氏度 密度 25摄氏度时为2.93克/毫升(升) 付款方式 100%预付 包装规格 25公斤聚乙烯内衬多层纸袋…

Calcium Hydroxide (Ca(OH)2)

Product description of hydrated lime powder: Calcium hydroxide, also known as hydrated lime, is a widely used inorganic compound with a wide range of industrial…

Magnesium Carbonate (MgCO3)

Product Name Magnesium carbonate CAS number 546-93-0 HS number 28369910 UN number Non dangerous goods (for reference only, please verify) Technical specifications ≥99.00% Appearance White…

Magnesium Hydroxide (H2MgO2)

氢氧化镁粉末产品说明:氢氧化镁或氢氧化镁是一种重要的无机化合物,广泛应用于各种工业。Alkalitrade.com提供高纯度氢氧化镁粉末,精心生产以满足客户的严格要求。我们的氢氧化镁有不同等级,包括食品级和医药级,确保在各种应用中的最佳性能。 Product Name Magnesium Hydroxide CAS number 1309-42-8 HS number 2816100090 UN number Non dangerous goods Technical specifications ≥99.00% Appearance White powder or granules melting…