Flame Retardants

Protect your products and meet safety standards with our effective flame retardants. Our Magnesium Hydroxide and Antimony Trioxide products are designed to provide reliable flame retardancy in plastics, rubber, and polymer applications. With our high-quality ingredients and technical support, you can trust us to help you create safer, fire-resistant products. Get a quote today and discover how our flame retardants can help you meet your safety goals.

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Magnesium Hydroxide (H2MgO2)

氢氧化镁粉末产品说明:氢氧化镁或氢氧化镁是一种重要的无机化合物,广泛应用于各种工业。Alkalitrade.com提供高纯度氢氧化镁粉末,精心生产以满足客户的严格要求。我们的氢氧化镁有不同等级,包括食品级和医药级,确保在各种应用中的最佳性能。 Product Name Magnesium Hydroxide CAS number 1309-42-8 HS number 2816100090 UN number Non dangerous goods Technical specifications ≥99.00% Appearance White powder or granules melting…