Soaps and Detergents

Create effective and high-quality soaps and detergents with our essential ingredients. From Sodium Hydroxide for solid soaps to Potassium Hydroxide for liquid soaps, and Phosphates for water softening and cleaning, we have the chemicals you need to formulate top-performing products. Get a quote today and discover how our ingredients can help you create superior soaps and detergents.

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Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)

苛性钠薄片、珍珠和颗粒产品描述:氢氧化钠,俗称苛性钠,是一种用途广泛的基本化学品,适用于各种工业应用。在【公司名称】公司,我们提供三种方便形式的高品质氢氧化钠:片状、珍珠状和颗粒状。我们的苛性钠有98%和99%的纯度等级,确保您的制造过程具有一致的性能和可靠性。 Product Name Sodium Hydroxide CAS number 1310-73-2 HS number 2815200000 UN number 1823 Technical specifications ≥98.00%-≥99.00% Appearance white solid melting point 318 °C boiling…